Skiing at Valle Nevado

I was perfectly content living a life without exploring the world of Rich White People Sports. Rowing seems arduous. Water polo? Isn't that just for the Olympics? 

But the power of peer pressure holds a far greater force over me than my own stubbornness and unwillingness to try something new. Mike's co-workers visited Santiago last week, and wanted to experience skiing in the Andes. Apparently saying no wasn't an option.

Neither was sleeping in.

My alarm rang at 6am as I angrily threw off the covers, and grumpily got dressed for a day that I knew I would absolutely hate. We arrived at the meeting point to take our transportation, me with a sour face, glaring at anyone who tried to talk to me.

Also, no one mentioned what a process it is to ski - you need to rent equipment, clothing, and pay through the nose just for the privilege of sliding downhill to your death. Not.loving.this.



The 1.5 hour drive was mostly me trying not to vomit from car sickness. This day just wouldn't let up. And, sure, we stepped off the bus into beautiful snow-capped mountains. But I wouldn't let that stop my bad mood from getting the best of me (#nevergiveup).

Based on Mike's advice, I reluctantly signed up for a 2-hour ski lesson. I can't describe to you how nervous, tired and apprehensive I was during this first hour. But these damn mountains are so beautiful, it was difficult to stay angry.


& here's a video to prove it. But keep in mind these 3 things before watching:

  1. My instructor thought my name was Diana

  2. He really wanted to know if I liked Chile

  3. I thought skiing involved a lot more model poses. It does not.

After "conquering" the bunny slopes, I was also encouraged (read: coerced) to attempt a real run. Which is how I fell 4 times! Have you ever tried getting yourself up from skis? There's no better way to make yourself feel completely awkward and out of shape. At one point, it took TWO people to help me get up.

But then I stood up, and realized I was in the mountains. And I had tried something I never thought I'd be able to do. Which put a smile on my face, and a willingness to give skiing another shot.

(Probably won't attempt rowing or water polo anytime soon, though)