7 Best Places to Eat & Drink in Rio de Janeiro

During my two week Rio de Janeiro trip, I ate to my heart’s content in all the famous and underground restaurants in the tourist capital of Brazil. I compiled some of my best recommendations for places to eat in the city in this guide below. Hope you enjoy sampling!


Best Places to Eat & Drink

BAZAAR - $$$
Rua Barao da Torre 538

Bazaar is located in the popular Ipanema neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, and is a contemporary restaurant serving expertly crafted cocktails and tasty small plates and entrees. We spent our first and last night in Rio at this wonderful establishment, and were impressed by the service and atmosphere. It is where Rio’s elite come to see and be seen, and you’ll find an impressive host of gorgeous clientele walking through their doors.

What to order: While the food is great, I’d focus your efforts on working through the cocktail menu. My favorite was the Cerrado Tonica nd the classic Caipirinha (pictured below).

The wonderful bartender at Bazaar Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
Caipirinha at Bazaar, one of the Best Places to Eat & Drink in Rio de Janeiro

Rua Almirante Saddock de Sa 370

the Pub Truck, one of the best places to drink in Rio de Janeiro

The Pub Truck was a chance find as we were walking through the streets of Ipanema from the Lagoa. It’s an awesome food and drink truck situated in the middle of the street next to a flower vendor. They operate Wednesday - Sundays until 10:30/11pm or so, and is an awesome way to spend the night with good friends. They sell beer and craft beer as well as some of the best burgers and fries in the city.

What to order: Beer or white wine, which they’ll refill to your heart’s content

Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno 99

This well-known gem tucked away in Santa Teresa is famous for its feijoada and old-school Brazilian charm. Its filled with tourists and locals alike and has the most charming waiters ready to help you with anything you need. It’s located in the heart of Santa Teresa, and steps away from other bars to keep your night going hours after your food has digested.

What to order: Feijoada with fried fish platter and a round of caiprinhas - my favorite in Rio!

Bar do Mineiro in Santa Teresa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro
Bar do Mineiro in Rio de Janeiro
Bar do Mineiro in Santa Teresa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro

Puro Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, one of the Best Places to Eat

PURO - $$$
Rua Visconde de Carandai 43

Puro is a Michelin rated restaurant overlooking the Jardim Botanico in Rio de Janeiro. Its dishes are nothing short of exquisite, only exceeded by their inventive drink menu.

If you can, I’d recommend getting seated on the upper terrace, which has the best tables in the 3-level restaurant. You can get a clear view of the botanical gardens, and it gives the restaurant a light, airy feel.

What to order: Root chips, burger and one of the hibiscus drinks.

Rua Joana Angelica 40

Zaza Bistro is a cute little lunch spot in the heart of Ipanema serving up delicious food and drinks. It’s a few blocks from the beach, so it’s a great place to refuel before you head back for more waves and sun.

What to order: Coconut-based drink and the chicken curry

Zaza Bistro Tropical in Rio de Janeiro
Zaza Bistro Tropical in Rio de Janeiro

Rua Joana Angelica 47

I’ve previously written about my love for Bar Urca, for good reason. It’s reliably awesome, and perfect for a laidback casual start to your night. Head there right before sunset, pick up some snacks and cold beers and claim a spot on the concrete balastrade overlooking the bobbing boats right on the water. There are a host of beautiful cariocas to gawk at while watching a beautiful sunset on the beach.

What to order: Pasteis (filled pastries) and cold beers

Photo from Trip Advisor

Photo from Trip Advisor

Bar Urca in Rio de Janeiro

Rua Joana Angelica 47

Rice balls at Joana Pizzeria in Rio de Janeiro

Joana was a great find on our last night in Rio de Janeiro, serving up delicious personal pizzas with a variety of toppings. We ordered the Margarita and Pepperoni as well as the arancini rice balls. We washed it down with a couple of cocktails and sat back to listen to the live music being played next to us.

Pro tip: It’s self service, so you’ll have to go up to order food and drinks, and then watch for your number on the TV in the main dining hall. Go early so you can get a prime seat outside.

What to order: Your favorite kind of pizza as well as one of the cocktails off their drink menu


A Guide to the Best Places to Eat & Drink in Rio de Janeiro
A Guide to the 7 Best Places to Eat & Drink in Rio de Janeiro